Simple paste hosting method for creating a website

paste hosting

Nowadays we could see lots of websites are popping with Git supported or File uploaded ways to host a website online rather than paste host method.

These led to the majority of the hosting platforms to move to these methods. Even though this process is most recommended for professional websites with lots of content.

Unlike a website made for a serious use case, many create mockups. For this purpose paste-hosting online can be really useful & helpful.

There are services like to do it. But they may show your content along with their banner or with a header.

For those who code and want to share it with others, this may not be a great thing. That’s where HTMLSave comes to play.

HTMLSave is a paste host platform to host your HTML, CSS, JS online without any banner or header. The content you hosted is completely ad-free.

You can create a simple website with HTMLSave very easily.

The service is free to try. And you can extend your plan to Premium version later if you need to do more.

You don’t need to know about Git or FTP tools for hosting your basic HTML static site. You just need to paste the site code and save it to host online. This is made easy with the HTMLSave website.

HTMLSave is a reliable service which helps you in mockups of your static HTML, CSS, JS codes.

You don’t need to ZIP files to use this service. Everything is done online. You can also backup your codes by saving it offline.