Free HTML hosting service

Hosting HTML online for free is an easy task. There are many services available for you to host your content on the internet.

Most services support zipping your static site and let you upload the content to the hosting platform in a very easy manner. Netlify is one such platform that supports this action.

Netlify has many features that other services not giving away for free. If you are an individual, you can definitely benefit from the free HTML hosting with them.

Netlify is great for production stage websites. There is no doubt about that. is another service that is made for testing and learning purposes. It supports saving and hosting HTML, CSS, JS, TXT contents online.

HtmlSave also supports creating a very basic blog where you can create blog posts. But you have few customization options on them.

Also, an important thing to note is that HTML save has a character limitation of 30k on the homepage and 15k on all other pages. This is how it works for now.

And currently, you will not able to add your own domain with HTML save, but you can read this article if you wish to Whitelabel your subdomain created with HTML save for free.

Merits and demerits of free HTML hosting?

  • It’s free, so everyone can use it.
  • It will have limited features.
  • Support may be limited or none.
  • No backups may be available for you.
  • Account deletion if excess usage found.

Note: You should take a backup of your content on your device or server. Htmlsave does not take responsibility for any data loss.

The service provided by HTML save starts with Trial. Later if you need to boost your account, you can support it with a paid plan which cost you very little money per year.  If you are looking for website administrator jobs, HTML Save is a great place to add in your bookmarks.


If you choose to host your static website online choose a service which suits best for the production stage. is a simple service that lets you host your HTML, CSS, JS contents online.