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How Does it Work?

We help you to save and host your HTML files online and give Rendered HTML link. This service is providing a simple playground for playing with HTML codes.

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How to save HTML?

  • Paste or write your HTML code or text in the field provided. (mandatory)
  • Provide a custom name to get a customised URL. (optional)
  • Provide a password for the content. (optional)
  • Click on Submit to Save button to save the HTML code or text.
  • You get the Rendered HTML file link which you can share with others.
  • There are some Conditions for Hosting your Html Code..

Hosting HTML code online is really simple with There are popular services like Pastebin, CodePen, JsFiddle and many others, which provide editing and checking how HTML, CSS and javascript in a browser.

But these are limited to one thing, in order to host the rendered code online for sharing you may need to login to their website with all your personal information.

We at help you to paste your HTML code and submit to save it online anonymously. That doesn't mean we don't collect any information from you. We collect the IP address of each HTML code you are hosting on this website.

Unlike other services, we don't tag your personal information such as name, age, or sex to the content you are hosting in this website. We collect it separately for newsletter purpose only.

For the purpose of editing or updating the pasted HTML code, we provide a password field. So the one who hosted the code can only update the content later.

Use this website as a testing place or a playground for hosting your HTML codes temporarily. There are some Limitations and Conditions for using this website for hosting your content. Go through Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About page, and Conditions page to know more about these.

There is a limitation of 30,000 characters per HTML file or text. If you don't provide any password for the file, you cannot edit the content in future. Also, there is no way to delete the code by yourself from this website. Moreover, you may lose control over the HTML code or text you posted on the site.

By default, all the files you posted on this site will be public. And it may appear on search results in any search engines. You can't make the data private. Anyone can browse through some of the last HTML codes hosted on this website from the Dashboard.

You can host any number of HTML files in this site anonymously. Also, you can edit the content later by logging on to your website by providing a custom name and password you have set.

One thing to remember is that, if you forget your password for the file, you hosted. There is no way of editing or updating the HTML code or the text since you are not providing any information regarding your email or contact.

When you host content on this website, you are responsible for that content. We do not take any liability regards this. Also, we have all the rights to access, modify and delete any content you host without any statement.

Moreover, there is an option to report any content present on this site, which you think should be removed. We may take appropriate action if it is a legitimate request.

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