Hosting single HTML codes online

If you are in a hurry and want to test a single piece of HTML code online, is the right place for you to host.

Hosting single HTML codes online made easy with the paste hosting method on HtmlSave. It automatically generates a link for you or you can create a custom name for the link you need to share.

Hosting on HtmlSave is simple

  • Signup for an account first.
  • On the homepage, paste or write your HTML code.
  • Give it a name and password which is completely optional.
  • Now save it online.
  • That’s it.

Your code will be saved to your account. You can update/delete the content you have hosted on the website anytime with simple clicks.

In the above video explains how to create a simple online site using paste hosting method.

The service is great for many people who just need to test their simple pieces of HTML codes.