How can I test an HTML code in a browser?

html code

This is a good question. All you need is to make a .html file and open it using any browser. And if you need to test HTML code even faster, there is a way. You can host it on Host one page HTML file online.

This is really fast compared to creating a .html or .xhtml files in your system. You just need to paste your HTML code in the input field.

You will get a rendered HTML link for that code. And even you can share that link with your friends. It’s that easy. There is an option to set a password for your HTML code, so you can edit it later.

Host one page HTML file online is really a good platform for testing your single HTML code and how it will look in a browser. Try it now.

The best thing about is that it is completely free of cost. You can test unlimited HTML codes with this platform.