Where to host your Html files for free?

host html

There are lots of Html hosting platforms where you can host anything for free. Especially if you are hosting static files, there are plenty of free webhost. Hosting HTML file online is an easy task.

Netlify is one the free platform which provides excellent free static hosting. You will really love all the features provided by Netlify.

You can connect your custom domain for free in the Netlify dashboard. And there are other features like adding snippets which is present in the dashboard.

But when comes to hosting a single html for just testing, Netlify isn’t a good option. Unless you are working for a large project. You can use Github to automatically update the content.

When you are working with only one page html files, it is best to use other platforms. You should use Htmlsave.com for testing and all.

It will really help you to test your html files very fast. Hosting your Html files on htmlsave.com is really simple. You just need to paste your Html and submit to save. You will get a rendered html link.

How does Htmlsave.com work?

  • Paste your Html code or text.
  • Give it a custom name
  • Above steps are mandatory.
  • Now you can provide a password for your html file. This is optional.
  • Click on Submit to Save.
  • That’s all you want to do.

Note: If you don’t provide any password, you cannot update or delete it later. Signed In users can only host sites online with this service.

That was a simple process. We support single click SignIn using Google Account. And you can avoid the usual SignUp process.

The service is free of cost and anyone can host Html sites fast enough.


Choosing any platform for hosting has its own limitations. Htmlsave.com is just a platform where you can host your html sites only for testing purpose. If you are serious about your hosting choose a better platform like Netlify.