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FAQ & Help
How do we use your Email Address?

We never sell your email address to third party. We use your E-mail address for sending you with our product updates.

List of E-mail Providers we accept for Registration.

The list includes: , , and at present.

Why Email Registration? Is it Required?

Email Registration is completely optional. Email registration is now required to control or limit hosting illegal, spam content through the website.

Even if you add Site to your Account. You will be able to Update, Delete your Site without Login with Google mail if you have it's password.

Can I add same Site to more than one Account?

No, you cannot add same Site in more than one Account.

How many Sites can be Hosted in an Account?

It varies depending on your Account Plan.

Information about the Deletion Process

We may DELETE ALL the html sites which are not in not in an active email account ( Last logged in 3 months ) for Free account which is currently out of stock, unless you are on a paid plan. For Trial accounts we may DELETE ALL the hosted content on certain intervals (2-to-3 hrs for 2-days). Check the hosting conditions.