FAQ & Help
How do we use your Email Address?

We never sell your email address to third party. We use your E-mail address for sending you with our product updates.

List of E-mail Providers we accept for Registration.

The list includes: @gmail.com at present.

Why Email Registration? Is it Required? How it works?

Email Registration is completely optional. We have provided this option for the easiness. You can add all your Html Codes to your account. So you don't need to remember the passwords of each Custom Name you hosted on this website. And your code will be saved permanently in the active Email Account without worrying expiration.

Even if you add Custom Name to your Account. You will be able to Update, Delete your Custom Name without E-mail if you have it's password.

Can I add same Custom Name to more than one Account?

No, you cannot add same Custom Name in more than one Account.

What happens if I Remove a Custom Name from Account?

The Custom Name will be removed from your Account only. It won't get deleted from our Server. To delete it from our Server, you need to Delete it separately.

How many Custom Names can be Hosted in an Account?

In the UserProfile, you can manage and add upto only 100 Html Codes in an Account.

Information about the Deletion Process

As along as the Html code you hosted is in your Active E-mail Account ( Last Logined 3 months ), we won't delete it from our Server. Else, all the Html Codes hosted on this domain will be deleted. If Custom Name or Password is empty with not added in an E-mail Account, it may get deleted in less than 1 or 2 days.. All other Html Codes may get deleted in 2days if it is not added in an E-mail Account.