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Terms of Service

Through using and accessing this website, you agree and fully aware of the Terms of Service, Privacy policy, Hosting Conditions, Payment Terms and all the other Policies present in this Website. And also you are trusting us with the data you provide to us along with the data we collect from you.

There is no guarantee in this Service. We may take this website down at any point without any notice. You must take a backup of your data. We are not responsible for any data loss.

Backups are your responsibility. You may need to have a separate backup option for your code. We only do a monthly backup for now. And we restore it, only if we found it is necessary for the majority of the users.

When you host any content in this website, you are allowing it to be accessible by anyone. And if you feel your code is hosted on this site without permission, feel free to report it to us.

We have the rights to update/add/remove any feature available to users without prior notice. When you create an account or upgrade your plan, you should note these things.

Also, you need to be aware about the Conditions for Hosting your Code in this website.

Do not include any personal or sensitive information anywhere on this website. We don't take responsibility for the leak or loss of anything you save on this website.

When you signup for an account, we may use your information to send newsletters, product/service updates to you.

Do not use this website for scamming or anything that violates human rights and harasses people. Do not post contents related to pornography, drugs, religious matter. Also, do not post or share any copyrighted materials or code on this website.

Providing links to contents present on another website is also prohibited. Please don't do anything unhealthy to this website and the users of this website.

Using this service for hosting phishing content, redirecting to phishing related links are strictly prohibited. Account will be banned immediately without any prior notice, even if you are a paid user.

This service is not intended to collect user information such as name, email, passwords, OTPs, etc, for marketing purpose or for any other use cases. We may remove such contents from our service.

You are not allowed to post/host any violent/hateful/spam content even for the purpose of testing. Accounts will be banned if found without any prior notice.

Do not use this service to mislead people or spread any misinformation that deceive people. You'll be completely liable for the spread of content you have shared.

HtmlSave subdomain names are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and are intended for immediate and active use. Subdomain name may not be inactively held for future use.

When you choose a custom name, make sure it is not an abuse of any popular service available on the Internet. There is a chance our automated system will detect and block your content.

We may use other external services to track, analyse, store datas related to all contents you provided/submited along with other datas we collected from you. For these purpose, we may need to share your content with these third-parties.

We may store information of your mail, name and other related contents if you have done any violation of our TOS or bad thing with this service. And is preserved in our servers for proof.

People or user who disobey these policies are responsible for all the actions that come under the Law. And they should not continue using our service in any manner.

If you don't accept our terms and policies, do not continue to use this service in any manner.