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Privacy Policy 

The user mentioned below are the people who used or using this website ( services. have all the rights for accessing, modifying, deleting any content hosted by any user. The user is fully responsible for the content hosted on this website. We do not take any liability of the content you posted on this website in any manner.

We use cookies to enable user-friendly experience and for login features and all. We use this information for improving the performance of this website. And we do not share any personal information ( even though you are not providing ) with any third parties.

Along with the content you are hosting, we may store the date and IP address. This process is for adding Little security. This website doesn't share this with any third parties unless the Law asks us.

Datas collected by Thrid Parties

  • We use Cloudflare, Google Analytics, reCaptcha, Adsense, PurpleAds, Hotjar,,, Paypal, Stripe, RazorPay, Logflare, Discord, Imagekit,, checkphish and other external services to track, collect certain annoymous information, store and log the datas ( which may contain ip addresses, name, email and other related informations) to improve the performance and usage of this website.
  • They may use cookies to store and collect many datas from you. You can opt out of Google Analytics with this Plugin
  • Enable "Do not Track" in your browser to disable tracking from Hotjar.
  • These services may collect your location, gender, age, interests etc. You should also need to check their privacy policies and terms of use.

Inorder to delete users data from the server, you can contact us through our mail address [email protected] from the email address you have registered. And it may take 2-3days for deletion of your data from our database.

If you feel any user compromises your privacy by posting something on this website. You can report that URL to us. We may take it down if the request is valid.