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Payment Terms and Policies

When you upgrade your account to a paid plan, you agree to our TOS, Policies and conditions of this website.

We offer refund to only eligible customers. We will not offer refund for customers who use the paid features and then want to downgrade to free plan. We only offer refund, if user contact us in less than 2-3 days of the payment.

Since there is transaction fee and Payment exchange rate difference, you will not get the full refund amount. We need to cover that operational costs.

We will refund the amount to our user, if user paid greater than the amount of the plan. And we will refund the amount if we receive payment and not upgraded your account even after you have contacted us and we don't take action to upgrade your account.

We may cancel your subscription or use of our service if we find you have violated our TOS or conditions of the website or when you use this site for bad intents. And you may not receive refunds for that.