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Next Updates (v2+)
Added Pages option (v2.4.2)

You can now add more pages to your Website. (Jan 25 2020)

Subdomain with HTTPS (v2.4.1)

Hosted contents now support HTTPS. (Dec 19 2019)

Added Subdomain Feature Again (v2.4)

We have added Subdomain feature again. This time it is available without HTTPS protocol. Also we enable direct webview feature in the subdomain with code view separately. (Dec 07 2019)

Added Html embeding feature (v2.3)

We added embeding your code to your website with a single line of script. Also we changed the Share Link URL to reduce scam. And, we have also removed the Subdomain Options for everyone. We may include it in future again. (Nov 15 2019)

View Count Limitation Added (v2.2)

We have added view count Limitation to the Service (Oct 24 2019)

Subdomain Feature Added (v2.2)

We have changed the URL path of webview, codeview and added Subdomain option to viewing these. (Oct 05 2019)

E-mail Registration Feature Added (v2.1)

We have added an option to register with E-mail address. So you can handle multiple Custom Names in a Single Account. (Sept 13 2019)

More Updates (v2.0)

This Update Includes upto Sept 11 2019. Since then, we start using Change Log. We have added many features including reCaptcha, tools, offline saving, code highlighter, view code, option to delete code, create automatic custom name for faster saving, extension for Firefox, increased character limitation to 30k, added page view statistics, etc.

First Release (v1.0)

The website was first released to public on June 22 2019