There are some conditions for hosting your HTML.

Follow these to use the service


These are the conditions you need to obey while hosting HTML code.


Firstly, you need to verify you are not a bot using Google reCaptcha. You need to do this everytime you try to submit to save an HTML code.

Character Limitation

There is a limitation of 30,000 characters per HTML code or text. This limit is made to avoid over usage of server resources.

Custom Name Length

Custom Name Length should be greater than 2 characters and less than 16 characters.

Choosing Name

If you use special symbols, spaces, emojis rather than letters or numbers for the custom name, we cannot guarantee its working.

Don't abuse

Please don't use offensive words or links to offensive content sites or images in iframes or in any manner in this site. ( Including 18+ materials. )

Code Reusage

When you host any content in this website, you are allowing anyone to reuse the code under free license or open license.

Try again with following these conditions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please go through all policies including Privacy Policy, Terms of Service before using this website. Also, check out the About Page of the website. After going through the contents in these pages, You will get a clear idea about this website and its features and all.

If you find some conditions are unnecessary and should be removed. Please contact us through the Report session of this website. We can try to improve it.