Static WebPage Hosting

Demand for fast loading websites are increasing day by day. Use of CDN, is an essential part of fast loading webpages. Static WebPages are cached by almost all the CDNs. Static WebPages load faster than Dynamic.

Hosting a static webpage online made it easy and fast with There are plenty other services which provide static webpage hosting for free. The list includes,, Github Pages, and lot more.

These services are indeed very good in terms of production sites. I really recommend those services for production purposes.

Things you need to consider

They should be fast. Yeah, you content should be loaded without any delay. What you need is a Content Delivery Network. Short: CDN.

CDN helps you cache your static content for a period of time you define. So every repeated requests don’t need to reach the origin server.

This will not only increase your page load times, but also help you to decrease the load on your origin server.

Easily accessible. Let me say that. Static Hosting should be simple and easy to manage. Anyone should be able to host without any high learning curve.

If they provide git integrations. It is great for speed up your production.

Of course the Price. They should be cheaper than dynamic hosting charges. Most popular providers have a free tier. Later you can upgrade.


Choose your static web hosting provider wisely. You don’t want your users to see a 500 error.