Increasing Phishing contents

This is bad, really bad. We have started this website to help anyone to host (paste) simple html codes online. But many users host phishing contents to our site.

This has forced us to bring many restrictions including limiting the number of sites a free user could host with us.

Currently we don’t have automated measures to detect these phishing contents. But we planned to bring such feature in the future.

So anyone who use this service to host phishing content may get their account banned without any prior notice.

What are Phishing Content?

You can surely know better with Wikipedia.

Many users post html codes which has visual similarity to popular brands login page, payment page, official banks sites etc.

If anyone found related content which trick users please report that pages hosted with us. You can surely report it to us.

How to Report? Just send us a mail to [email protected]. Or you can directly report to us in the Report Page.

Hosting phishing contents on HtmlSave is considered as violation of our Terms of Service. No one should do such things.

Can you help detecting phish codes?

If you can please do contact us. It will help everyone using this service. And make it keep going.